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More responsiveness for WooCommerce 2.1 default stylesheet

Written by Alexis Nominé on . Posted in WordPress

Following my article on how to add responsiveness to WooCommerce 2.0 default stylesheet, here is how to add more responsiveness to WooCommerce 2.1.

In this great new version, WooThemes developers decided to separate layout from the rest of the style. Which is good news because it's a lot easier to identify where css has to change to be responsive. What I like less is that responsive behavior they added is too limited: only one "breakpoint" around 768px, so it doesn't adapt that well to the available space on screen of the variety of devices (smartphones, phablets, tablets ...).

So let's update it with 4 breakpoints so the product grid grows from 1 to 4 products per line, with a bit of "mobile first" flavour.

If you want to get straight to the point, you can download the updated stylesheet here, upload it in your theme folder, and add this in your functions.php file:

After the break, the updated "woocommerce-layout.less" with some comments:

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AD User Editor WebPart 2.1.1

Written by Alexis Nominé on . Posted in SharePoint

AD User Editor WebPart is now available in v2.1.1

Here are the changes since the initial release for SharePoint 2010:

  • 2.1.1:
    • displayName instead of distinguishedName (CN=xxx,DC=xxx) in read only fields like "manager"
    • read only field can now display multiple values
    • no more exception trying to display errors (sic)
    • message displayed when webpart hasn't yet been configured
    • having multiple multi-textbox fields is now possible
  • 2.1.0:
    • image field type (image upload resizing & cropping to 128x128px, jpg only)
    • new field types for multivalued attributes: checkboxlist, multi-textbox
  • 2.0.1:
    • compatibility with SP2010 "claims based authentication" (strips 'i:0#.w|' from the username)
    • meaningful error message if required domain missing from xml config (instead of keyNotFoundException)
    • auto uppercase domain NetBios name (-> less config errors)
    • better "person field" handling ('DOMAIN\username' instead of just 'username' when filling the field)
    • edit form now with the current theme style

Feel free to report any bug or feature request here or in the comments.

A bit of responsiveness for WooCommerce 2.0 default stylesheet

Written by Alexis Nominé on . Posted in WordPress

WooTheme folks are making one of the best eCommerce plugins for WordPress: WooCommerce. Their last themes - like SuperStore - are using their own responsive stylesheet for WooCommerce. However, the default stylesheet applied when using another theme (say TwentyTwelve) could use some improvement to be fully responsive.

If you want to get straight to the point, you can download the updated stylesheet here, upload it in your theme folder, and add this in your functions.php file:

add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'change_woo_styles', 99 );
function change_woo_styles() {
	wp_dequeue_style( 'woocommerce_frontend_styles' );
	wp_enqueue_style( 'woocommerce_responsive_frontend_styles', get_stylesheet_directory_uri()."/woocommerce.css" );

More details explaining the changes I made after the break.

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Conditional bbPress 2.3 styles and scripts

Written by Alexis Nominé on . Posted in WordPress

bbPress is one of the best forum plugins available for WordPress. However, one shortcoming of the current version (2.3) is that styles and scripts are loaded on every WordPress page even if not needed. This is not a best practice in for your website performance. Here is a quick fix for that:

In a plugin or in the functions.php file of your theme, just add:

// clean bbpress stuff outside of bbpress
add_action( 'wp_head', 'conditional_bbpress_head', 9 );
function conditional_bbpress_head(){
	if( !is_bbpress() )
		remove_action( 'wp_head', 'bbp_head' );
add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'conditional_bbpress_scripts', 9 );
function conditional_bbpress_scripts(){
	if( !is_bbpress() )
		remove_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'bbp_enqueue_scripts' );

Now, the head should be cleaner on every other part of your site, and the loading time greatly improved.

Web development is fun

Written by Alexis Nominé on . Posted in Front End Development

The web world is moving fast:

Older browsers like IE6/7 are being left behind (even IE8 in jQuery 2.0), enabling a lot of new possibilities for front end development.

Mobile first web design is starting to make his way into the major front-end frameworks: Zurb has already released Foundation 4 and Twitter will soon release Bootstrap 3 (preview here).

The're both using CSS preprocessors (SASS / LESS), harmonizing differences between browsers with normalize.css, detecting features with Modernizr...

2013 is going to be exciting, playing with all of this new toys!

A responsive experiment with CSS3 and jQuery: switching between accordion and tabs display

Written by Alexis Nominé on . Posted in Experiments

I've been playing lately with responsive design, trying to present data the best way depending on the screen size available. Most of the time, CSS3 media queries will be enough. However, some designs will also require a bit of jQuery. Is it possible to make it responsive as well? That's what I intented in this experiment.

For the purpose of this example, I have a list of 10 well known stars with a small bio. I want to display it as an accordion on smaller screens, and as vertical tabs on the bigger ones.

If you're too impatient to reed the whole article, have a look at the Demo

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Multilingual Press (free) : add custom post type support

Written by Alexis Nominé on . Posted in WordPress

17/04/2012: Updated for Multilingual Press 1.0.3

Multilingual Press plugin allows to have a multilingual WordPress, using a multisite installation. It does his job very well except it works only with posts and pages for the free version. If you want to enable it on your custom post types, you can either buy the pro version or follow two simple steps, after the break. Continue Reading